Executive Team

John Longley is the Chief Executive Officer at SageView Advisory Group, leading the firm's executive team and setting the strategic vision for more than 30 offices across the country. John's career spans over 35 years and several...

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Jon T. Upham, MA

President / Head of Institutional Retirement

Jon Upham is SageView’s President and leads the firm’s Institutional Retirement business unit across more than 30 nationwide offices, setting and executing on the firm’s strategic vision, operations and growth....

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Jorge Bernal

Chief Operating Officer

Jorge Bernal is Chief Operating Officer at SageView, providing strategic leadership and oversight for SageView’s operations across more than 30 nationwide offices. He helps to set and execute on SageView’s strategic vision...

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Tara Egan, MBA, SPHR

Chief Human Resources Officer

Tara Egan is Chief Human Resources Officer at SageView Advisory Group and responsible for leading the firm’s Human Resources Department. As a member of SageView’s Executive Team, she is responsible for developing and executing the...

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Tony Notermann

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Notermann is Chief Financial Officer at SageView Advisory Group, managing financial performance to achieve growth and margin expansion, leading quantitative business analysis to provide financial and operational insight, and...

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Natasha Pfeiffer

Chief Legal Officer

Natasha Pfeiffer is the Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at SageView Advisory Group, and a member of the Executive Team. Natasha oversees the legal and compliance departments and supports the strategic initiatives of both...

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Randall C. Long, AIF®

Founder & Chairman

Randall Long is founder and Chairman of SageView Advisory Group. Randy founded SageView in 1989 by assembling a team of seasoned financial advisors and investment specialists across the country. The firm has since grown to one of the...

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