Evan Lamb, CFA

Evan Lamb, CFA

Investment Advisor

Changes are coming to your VMware retirement plan. Are you ready to make the best decision for your financial future?

Let’s Evaluate Your Options

  • Keep your money in your prior employer’s plan (unknown what will happen at this point - this takes the decision with what to do with your money out of your hands)
  • Roll over the money to an IRA (be careful of the 60-day rule)
  • Transfer money to new employer’s retirement plan (subject to the new plan’s rules)
  • Take a cash distribution (taxes and penalties apply)

Having helped other individuals in similar situations, I understand the nuances of these options and recognize they can be overwhelming, especially how each can impact your financial life. Let me help you determine how each option might fit into the future you envision.      

Here's how I can help:

  • Evaluating your retirement account distribution strategy and options
  • Managing your portfolio and choosing investments
  • Determine retirement income goals and what’s needed to achieve those goals
  • Saving for large purchases, e.g., a house, car, or boat
  • Tax guidance

Prepare today for your future life tomorrow. Click HERE to schedule a meeting or call me directly at 949.302.1293.

About Evan

Evan is an Investment Advisor based out of Newport Beach, CA. He works with individuals and their families to discern financial priorities and implement integrated investment and planning strategies to advance their goals.

Evan has helped hundreds of plan participants and can help you see where your VMware 401(k) savings fit into your financial future. SageView Advisory Group has been the retirement plan advisor for VMware for over 10 years serving as a dedicated financial resource to VMware’s 401(k) in partnership with Fidelity.

Evan enjoys helping individuals and families reach their financial goals through cohesive investment and retirement strategies. Evan believes a successful retirement or wealth management strategies starts with a core understanding of his client’s values, beliefs, and goals.