Inflation and the Economy

Soaring inflation, rising prices, the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have made for a rocky economic start to 2022. During this two-part webinar series, leading experts examine how these market indicators will impact investments, retirement readiness, and recession risk.

Part I

Recession Risk: Will We Or Won't We?

Rising prices and supply chain shortages as a result of inflation and the ongoing war in Ukraine have many economists projecting the U.S. economy may be close to a recession. We ask two experts to share why a recession might (or might not) be on the horizon later this year.

Part II

The Impact of Inflation on Retirement Readiness

Inflation is at the highest level in over 40 years, and the impact goes beyond higher prices and rising interest rates - inflation also has a direct impact on retirement savings and retirement readiness. As individual investors approach retirement, what steps can they take right now to protect their savings?