Participant Education: Videos, Flyers and Webinars

Fall 2022 Financial Wellness Workshop

Topics Covered: 

Cybersecurity and Your Finances: Protect your assets, your future and yourself

Countdown to Retirement: Run the numbers to make sure you're financially ready to retire, including your net worth, emergency savings and all retirement income sources

Taxes in Retirement: After your last paycheck, taxes don't retire: Strategies for drawing down assets in retirement

Market Volatility: Time-tested Investment Strategies for the Long Term

Time after time, the stock market has recovered from the disruptive, but ultimately short-term, declines and gone on to post gains, and staying calm when market volatility heats up is key to investing with resilience. 

No Regrets Retirement

It may seem tough to save for retirement when you have today's bills to pay. But the reality is that you are the most important factor in saving for the retirement you want. In this video, we address the five key risks many retirees face.

Spring 2022 Financial Wellness Workshop

Topics Covered: 

Do it myself or do it for me? A deep dive into understanding Target Date Funds and all the Investments in your Retirement Plan

Automating Healthy Financial Habits: Simplify your Finances by Using the Power of Automation

Debt Management and Prioritizing your Savings: How much should you put toward your retirement plan versus HSAs/FSAs, emergency savings and paying off debt? 

Savvy Women, Smart Investors

49% of women are their family's primary breadwinner and 51% are employed in management, professional and related occupations. We take a close look at women's financial concerns during the early, mid, and later life stages.

Protect Your Assets

Understanding your credit report and credit score, as well as what to look for in your quarterly retirement plan statement

Recipes for a Healthy Portfolio

Your choices today could affect your future lifestyle. Saving regularly for retirement, such as contributing to your employer's retirement plan, is an important step toward a potentially secure future. The types of investments you choose are also important.

Slow to Start Saving for Retirement? Strategies to Help You Stay in the Race

The best time to save is now. If you are in your 20s and 30s, you still have the luxury of time when it comes to saving for your future. Beyond your 30s, it is time to get realistic about your savings strategies. Whether you got a late start or you just plain haven't been saving enough, there are ways you can start to potentially increase your retirement savings now.


A budget is a plan for every dollar you have. It’s not magic, but it represents more financial freedom and a life with much less stress. If you don’t have a budget or have created a budget in the past but were unable to keep it, you’re not alone. Budgets often aren’t successful for a number of reasons. In this video we go into some of the basics of getting a budget started and give you a few tips to actually sticking to it.


What's your plan after your final paycheck? Retirement has been your goal since you first started saving for it (or likely even earlier), but it's not the end of the race. In fact, your "in" retirement plan may be more crucial than your current savings plan.



Underneath the broad asset classes of stocks, bonds and cash are a multitide of options for building a diversified portfolio. Learn about some of the most common investment
choices and how they can help you fine-tune the mix that’s right for you.



The amount you need to save for a secure retirement can seem daunting. But, if you take it step by step, those retirement goals are more in reach than you realize. The smallest changes you make today could mean a huge improvement in your retirement security tomorrow.