ESG Investing in Retirement Plans

What does the future hold for Plan Sponsors?

Guidance from the DOL on use of non-pecuniary decisions has led to hesitancy in adding specific ESG investments in ERISA retirement plans.

Direction from the DOL has been vague in recent months, but with more information expected later this year, Plan Sponsors are getting ready to meet their fiduciary duties with ESG retirement investments in ERISA plans.

In this edition of the SageView Speaker Series, we assembled a panel of experts to share various approaches on SRI / ESG investing and discuss what the investment landscape and legislative impact could mean in the future.

During this webinar, we cover:

  • History of ESG and SRI in employer sponsored retirement plans
  • The current environment: What are clients asking?
  • Legislative landscape: What can we do / not do?
  • Investment outlook: How are investment companies incorporating ESG into their investment process and products?
  • How can clients incorporate ESG into their defined contribution plans today?