Actuarial and Consulting

We use our actuarial and analytical skills to create new plans, revise existing plans, and help with compliance, communication, and process development.

When there’s no certainty, maintain a tight grip on probability. It gives you a measurable advantage as a plan sponsor. Our actuarial and analytical skills extend to four related areas:

Management Consulting

We design Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plan strategies to meet sponsor objectives, and create funding, expense and income replacement projections for plans. We do due diligence on plan mergers and acquisitions, prepare sustainability studies, and assist you with numbers for labor negotiations.

Actuarial Valuations

We prepare funding valuations in accordance with IRS rules and regulations, and accounting valuations in accordance with FASB, GASB and IAS. We also do valuations for OPEB and non-qualified executive benefit plans.

Asset/Liability Modeling

In conjunction with SageView’s advisory group, we establish capital market assumptions and develop asset allocation strategies across the efficient frontier. We also do deterministic and stochastic modeling of funding, expense and funded status and post-implementation monitoring of performance versus plan.

Administration and Compliance

We prepare benefit calculations and election forms for plan participants; IRS, PBGC and DOL filings; participant benefit statements; and can assist with all facets of plan terminations.