Recognizing and Addressing Racial Inequalities in Financial Wellness

Exploring differences by race and ethnicity across budgeting, debt, savings, protection, and financial confidence

New research reveals differences by race and ethnicity in some - but not all - areas of financial wellness.

Among employees with access to a workplace retirement savings plan, 1 in 10 have financial wellness scores that need attention, a number that is 2.5x higher among Black employees and nearly 2x higher for Latino/a employees.

In this webinar, Behavioral Psychologist Sarah Raposo, Ph.D. shares the results of a new study that aims to better understand racial inequalities in budgeting, debt, savings, and overall financial confidence. This eye-opening webinar takes a closer look at:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted employees' wellness across racial groups
  • Why treating employees as a homogenous group can make it hard to see who needs the most help
  • Lower levels of emergency savings contribute to more stress about making ends meet
  • Equitable financial wellness solutions can result in a more satisfied and productive workforce